Atelier Maser


Atelier Maser

Acclaimed Irish artist Maser opens up his first gallery space in Dublin 2. 

Maser opens the eponymous ‘Atelier Maser’ on Dublin’s Charlemont Street as a hub for creating original work and nurturing young talent.

The city centre studio will primarily act as a space for Maser to create his iconic original work. The studio/gallery is open plan and visible from Charlemont Street, where passersby might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Maser creating one of his trademark bold canvases or the beginnings of a large scale installation.

The space has been designed to be transitional and multi functional, and will also operate as an incubator and gallery for upcoming Irish artists to hone their craft. Maser is a dedicated mentor to many of Ireland’s emerging talent, and is already filling the Atelier’s events calendar with shows and exhibitions to promote their work.

“I get excited when I see promising talent and want to show young artists that success comes in many forms, and to ultimately help them achieve that success.”

Reflecting on this new venture, it became obvious that while he needed a space to call his own, it was equally important to him to create a space that gives something back to the community he champions. “I could just open a studio and paint but I have bigger ambitions, I want to show people that you don’t need a business degree to do well and be a success.”