Aches - Distorted Identity


Launching Atelier Maser’s exhibition programme for 2019, ‘Distorted Identity’ will showcase the work of internationally renowned contemporary muralist, Aches. Having undertaken a two month artist residency in Atelier Maser, Aches has created a new body of work especially for this exhibition - his premier solo show. The exhibition launches to the public on Thursday 14th March, 6-9pm.

Hailing from Dublin, Aches is most well known for his ‘glitch’ style of murals that can be found throughout Ireland and all around the globe.  

Having created work since the age of fifteen, Aches is a creative force to be reckoned with. Boasting an impressive repertoire of work, he has been invited to design and create original artwork for many projects around the world, in countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Miami, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, England and USA. 

The artist’s practice is shared in equal balance between contemporary murals and studio work. He has collaborated with Irish artist Maser, and a series of international artists including Insane51 and Fork4.


Coining his father as a rich influence to his creative process, Aches has evolved his artistic practice through many styles over the years. Originating with traditional painting techniques and sketching as a teen, he progressed his painterly style into an impressive mural career, and most recently, Aches has evolved again into the realm of anti-alias and sub-pixel paintings, some of which will be on show at Atelier Maser.

He sees the process of painting, and indeed the process of creating, quite like a form of personal meditation.  A creative outlet that evokes a space of stillness for both the artist and the viewer. Having studied Visual Communications in NCAD, Dublin, Aches credits the design skills learned here for influencing his extremely precise and technical style of work.


With this new body of work ‘Distorted Identity’, Aches explores the contradictions that exist in the digital world that we live in today.  The work itself is centred around the potentially negative effects that are created by communicating through technology on a constant basis.

Digital apps are designed to make it so simple to connect with anyone, anywhere, yet in many cases it actually creates a bigger distance between us and the people who we are the closest with. Moreover, today’s generation are so used to communicating with friends that are identified by a digital photo on screen, rather than a true representation of the real person.  

It is so easy, and convenient, to be constantly in touch with each other online, however, because we are constantly updated about the lives of our friends - it almost gives us an excuse not to meet up in person.


Through his artwork, Aches has illustrated the idea of distorted identities through a series of hand crafted, pixelated portraits. Taking a digital photo as the starting point, each portrait has been created with a limited colour palette consisting solely of Red, Green and Blue colour variations.

The RGB palette is specifically selected to emanate the colours that we see most often - the colours on screen that create the digital representations of our friends. Hand mixing every colour to correlate to the onscreen pixel tones, Aches has created abstract representations of faces familiar to him - with intricate detail and many, many layers of paint (spray and acrylic). 

Up-close the work can be viewed as woven web of colour overlays, but from a distance - the portraits emerge. This allows the viewer to have multiple experiences of the same painting, which is paralleled with the idea of interacting with the many digital aliases of the same person.   

For the exhibition at Atelier Maser, Aches invites the viewer to take photos of the work on their phone.  The image captured will create a clearer representation of the person in the portrait, less pixelated and more life like - therefore bringing the image full circle.